Distance Sampling Examples

Here you can find a set of worked examples (“vignettes”) demonstrating various aspects of distance sampling design and analysis using free software tools we have created and maintain. At present they focus on R packages; for examples using Distance for Windows see Chapter 3 (“Getting started”) of the Distance manual.

Examples below are based upon data sets available in the R packages dssd (for survey design), Distance (for analysis of distance sampling surveys), mrds for double observer methods and dsm for spatial models. Data for the example of spatial models for point transect are described below the table; data for model-based inference is linked to the HTML description. All examples are provided as Rmarkdown documents. For information about using Rmarkdown files, consult this RStudio website.

Examples with R packages

  Survey design Simple analyses Ancillary information Covariates Simulation Model-based analyses Buckland et al. (2015)
Design, basic (Rmd) X            
Design, two strata (Rmd) X            
Line transects, songbirds (Rmd)   X         X
Point transects, songbirds (Rmd)   X          
Variance estimation (Rmd)              
Stratification (Rmd)              
Covariates in detection function (Rmd)       X     X
Multi-species surveys (Rmd)       X      
Size bias adjustment (Rmd)       X      
Cue counts (Rmd)     X       X
Deer surveys from pellets (Rmd)     X        
Double observer methods (Rmd)              
Density surface lines (Rmd)           X X
Density surface points (Rmd) (see footnote)           X  
Simulation truncation decisions (Rmd)         X    
Model-based inference (Rmd)           X X
Lure surveys (Rmd)     X       X
Simulation design contrasts (Rmd)         X   X

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